Who wouldn’t want their coffee served in a cup made of the oldest material in the world? The Loveramics series does not only give you that chance, it takes your coffee drinking experience to another level.
Italy and coffee, two words that are inseparable! More than a century ago the Italians invented the espresso machine and revolutionized the way we drink coffee. However, one Italian, didn’t stop there. Giuseppe Boschini introduced us to coffee cups made of 100% Italian porcelain to elevate our coffee experience.
Acme is a New Zealand company that was dreamed up from a long-standing ambition to create products that adhere to the ideals of form and function.
A partnership with Lavazza inspired the Barbi family (founders of the company) to focus exclusively on offering high quality porcelain coffee cups. Thus Club House was established and since 1992 until today the company has become one of the largest producers of coffee porcelain in Europe.