Italy and coffee, two words that are inseparable! More than a century ago the Italians invented the espresso machine and revolutionized the way we drink coffee. However, one Italian, didn’t stop there. Giuseppe Boschini introduced us to coffee cups made of 100% Italian porcelain to elevate our coffee experience.

With more than half a century experience and a full cycle production plant that brings together art and technology, Ancap S.p.A. is synonymous with fine, pure porcelain. Ancap was founded in 1964 in the countryside outside of Verona, Italy by Boschini, a renowned porcelain connoisseur and designer.

In the years that followed, the company rose to prominence and its products quickly became the choice of fine restaurants, coffee roasters, hotels, cafés and baristas worldwide. Ancap’s coffee cup series is famous for its elegant design, functional shape and highest quality porcelain, fired at 1400 °C.

What’s more, they offer custom branding and application of logos and artwork on their cups. Customer branding examples include PURA Milk, the Australian Speciality Coffee Association, the Melbourne International Coffee Expo and Wolff Coffee Roasters.

One of the secret’s of their success is their collaboration with professional baristas every time they are developing new cups so they can meet the coffee industry’s standards. It’s no wonder that Ancap espresso and cappuccino cups have been chosen as the official coffee cups of many competitions including:

  • Australian Specialty Coffee Association’s Latte Art cup, Melbourne 2017/8
  • World Latte Art Championship, Seoul 2013
  • World Latte Art championship, Dublin 2012


Ancap currently offers a range of three collections with their names inspired by three beautiful Italian cities: Verona, Torino and Palermo.


The Verona collection was the official collection of the Australian Specialty Coffee Association’s Latte Art cup and for good reasons. These Ancap espresso cups possess features of unmistakable quality.

  • Dense porcelain allows for optimal strength and thermal stability
  • Elegant design that enhances coffee flavour and aroma
  • High fired glaze with high chip resistance
  • Egg shape for functionality and practicality
  • Dishwasher-proof
  • Microwave-proof


The Palermo range was specifically designed for competition use working in accordance with the World Barista Championship guidelines. It is the official cup for the 2013 Australian DaVinci Chain Barista Championship in Melbourne and continues to be a preferred choice of many coffee shops and fine restaurants for its high-class characteristics.

  • Feldspathic hard porcelain, using only the best raw materials
  • Thick and durable, fired at 1400 °C
  • Egg shape for a full-rounded coffee profile and practicality
  • Dense porcelain offers temperature stability
  • Dishwasher-proof
  • Microwave-proof

Customize your cups


Chosen to be the official cup for the 2013 Australian Pura Latte Art Championship, the Torino range features a refined design combined with raw materials of high quality to offer a unique coffee tasting experience.

What’s more, these Ancap cappuccino cups are designed with dimensions that are tailor-made for traditional cappuccino.

  • Tulip shape with fine-drawn curves that brings out the coffee’s full profile
  • Premium quality dense porcelain keeps your coffee at the right temperature
  • High fired glaze that makes the cups resilient
  • Dishwasher-proof