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When the Barbi family set up the company Supercasa Srl thirty seven years ago they could have never imagined how coffee would change their lives.

The company originally produced wooden, porcelain and stainless-steel products for department stores but when business stagnated they started looking for opportunities to rebrand themselves.

A partnership with Lavazza inspired the Barbi family to focus exclusively on offering high quality porcelain coffee cups. Thus Club House was established and since 1992 until today the company has become one of the largest producers of coffee porcelain.

Their collection includes more than 50 lines and they sell more than 5.000.000 pieces per year. Variety in styles and sizes definitely plays a major role in this success. The porcelain itself is fired at about 1.400 °C to obtain a perfect fusion of the glaze and the mixture.

This style variety, flexible design approach and focus on quality is continuously attracting the attention of coffee industry professionals and thus is no surprise that Club House is often invited to take part in a number of coffee exhibitions and competitions such as:

➢ Host Milan 2021
➢ Milano Latte Art Challenge 2019
➢ World of Coffee Berlin 2019
➢ Trieste Coffee Experts 2017, 2019

Club House is also a member of the Speciality Coffee Association since 2021. We could be talking about their collection for hours but we choose five of their lines that will certainly elevate your coffee drinking experience: Bucaneve, gardenia, Biacinto and Rosa.